BCCI Said: IPL 2020 Schedule May Divide Into two Seprate Baskets

Dream11 IPL 2020 Schedule is still not yet finalized even though the big tournament starting from September 19 in the United Arab Emirates and now just 20 days away.

Well the reason is: Abu Dhabi and Dubai both the cities have different protocols regarding the CoronaVirus. Travel restrictions have been imposed between the two cities. When entering Abu Dhabi, you need to undergo mandatory rapid tests. One can enter only if He/ She has negative test results.

These restricted conditions are a hurdle for IPL teams to travel between the cities on match day. That is why BCCI is yet to announce the IPL 2020 Schedule.

In order to overcome this situation, the BCCi team in the United Arab Emirates is negotiating with Emirates Cricket Board to divide IPL in two separate legs so that the travelling between Dubai and Abu Dhabi can be minimised.

At this stage out of total 56 Group Games in IPL 2020

  • 21 IPL matches will be played in Dubai
  • 21 be played in Abu Dhabi
  • And 14 will be played in Sharjah.

Currently, Dubai to Sharjah, there are no traveling restrictions, So the BCCI may decide to play the entire first leg of the cash rich league in Dubai and Sharjah.

The second leg of IPL 2020 may be played in Abu Dhabi which is 80 Miles away.

For IPL playoffs and Finals teams will again return to Dubai. 

In the next 48 hours, the final decision will be taken as IPL chairman Birjesh Patel and Hemang Amin are going to meet numerous UAE Govt. officials. On Thursday, the final action will be decided. 

Right now, Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders are based in Abu Dhabi while other 6 IPL teams are based in Dubai. If BCCI choosed Dubai for games only then both MI and KKR will need to move their base from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. 

On Thursday, IPL GC Chairman along with BCCI’s interim CEO Hemang Amin is going to meet with Emirates Cricket Board chief Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak and will discuss the inter city security protocols.  BCCI will also request some relaxations on protocols to make travel easy for the IPL teams between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

It is expected that the BCCI will release the IPL Schedule 2020 UAE before the end of this week.  

Hot weather in the United Arab Emirates is also one of the reasons to delay the schedule as some of the players are concerned with the weather. The humidity in the air doesn’t really drop in the evening. The Sun sets around 7:30pm. IPL had 10 afternoon matches which will start at 2pm local time (3:30 IST).

BCCI may pushi the match timings to 3:30PM local time (5:00 PM IST).

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