How to Watch Varsity TV for Free in the USA

If you love Cheerleaders and dancing, Varsity TV is the best platform in the USA to entertain you offering live competitions, interviews, Behind the Scenes happenings, and more. With a Versity TV subscription, you can stream exclusive performances from USA, NCA, UCA, NDA, and UDA and track performances throughout the year. We have your back if you want to watch Versity TV in the USA for free.

A Versity TV subscription can be costly if you have a shoestring budget. However, some methods exist to watch Varsity TV in the USA at no cost. 

Quick Answer: Flowsports and Apple TV provides Varsity TV free of charge. 

Look at optimal ways to watch Varsity TV at minimal rates or without costing any dime.

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How can I enjoy Varsity TV in the USA For Free?

You can watch Varsity TV for free in the States by signing up for a Free Trial for FlowSports or Apple TV. These two streaming services allow you to watch Varsity TV and many other sports channels. A free Trial is the best thing you can do to test Varsity TV services at Zero-cost and determine if it suits you. 


FloSports is a subscription-based streaming platform in the USA offering various sports, on-demand content, Sports Live Streaming, Replays, and more. FloSports provides coverage of multiple sports, including basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and gymnastics, as well as exclusive content such as interviews and highlights videos and cheerleading through Varsity TV. Here is a list of what you can watch on FloSports. 

  1. Wrestling: They provide coverage of various wrestling events, from amateur and collegiate to professional levels.
  2. Martial Arts: FloSports covers martial arts events like Brazilian jiu-jitsu, MMA, and other combat sports.
  3. Cycling: The platform streams cycling races, competitions, and related content.
  4. Track and Field: FloSports provides coverage of track and field events, including races, meets, and more.
  5. Gymnastics: They offer a live stream of gymnastics competitions and related content.
  6. Cheerleading and Dance: FloCheer and FloDance are specialized sections of FloSports that focus on cheerleading and dance competitions, performances, and training.
  7. Basketball, Volleyball, and Football: Besides niche sports, FloSports also covers some mainstream sports events in certain regions.

There are two kinds of membership options to watch Varsity TV on FloSports.

  • Monthly – $29.99/month
  • Annual – $149.99/year (SAVE 58%) – this option is billed once a year. It’s like paying $12.49/month or a little over $6/event.

Varsity TV is available on AppleTV, ESPN+, Sling, and Fubo TV.

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How to Watch Varsity TV on Apple TV?

Varsity TV is available on Apple TV, and you can stream all your favorite content, such as live streams, the UCA & UDA College Nationals, NHSCC, NDTC, NCA All-Star National Championship, The Summit, and much more to your Apple TV, iPhone, Computer and tablet.

Download the Flosports app on your Apple TV, including free and premium content, and enjoy a watch party with your friends.  

Watching Varsity TV on Apple TV would be a fantastic experience as you can manage your favorite cheerleading content in crystal clear HD. Apple TV provides 4k HDR content to enjoy the live streaming experience fully. 

Note: You can try Apple TV for Free for seven days to test all features and channels. Apple TV free Trial will allow you to check all Varisty TV content for free. 


ESPN+ also allows you to watch Varsity TV in the USA.

ESPN+ is one of the best streaming services for watching Live Cricket Matches, live events, On-demand Videos, Golf’s PGA Tour, Boxing Matches, Cheerleading, and Dance competitions via Varsity TV.

The excellent thing about ESPN+ is that it is very budget-friendly and has perfect coverage, allowing you to live stream stunning quality video. Unfortunately, ESPN Plus Free Trial for new members has been discontinued since 2020, but the cost-cutting rates will let you check its services without burdening your pocket. 

 ESPN+ Subscription plans are 

  • ESPN+ Monthly costs $9.99 per month for live and on-demand shows.
  • ESPN+ costs $99.99 annually. This feature allows you to repeatedly watch the best parts of any game from the whole season.

Varsity TV Official

You can get Varsity TV services to watch cheerleading and dance competitions online from its official website. The website offers many options, including subscription packages, pay-per-view competitions, and on-demand videos. It also features a library of past matches to watch to stay up-to-date with the latest news and events in cheerleading and dance.

Varsity TV is the best choice for those who love to watch Cheerleading and Dance Live Streaming and marvelous performances by the best athletes around the world. 

You can Sign up on the Varisty TV website for a five-day free trial which allows you to test the whole entertainment without spending a single penny. 

How to Watch Varsity TV on Roku?

Roku is a streaming device that allows users to stream entertaining content directly on their TVs. All you need is a stable internet connection and Roku Streaming Media Box, Roku Streambar, Roku stick, or Roku TV, and you can enjoy all streaming services on your TV screen at once. 

Roku also provides Varsity TV Subscription Plans.

  • Monthly Subscription: Users can get the Varsity TV app for Roku for $29.99 per month and get full access to live competitions, replays, and interviews. 
  • Annual Subscription: Users can get Varsity TV on Roku for $299.99 yearly.

How to Watch Varsity TV on Firestick?

You can watch Varsity TV on Firestick easily. Follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Find Button on your Firestick Home Screen.
  2. Select Search.
  3. Type FloSports in the search bar. 
  4. Select the app icon. You can scroll right or left to find it. 
  5. Download the app. 
  6. Launch the app and Log in to it by using your account details. 
  7. Watch Varsity TV on Firestick.

Frequently Asked Questions About Varsity TV

What is Varsity TV Pro?

Varsity TV Pro is a Premium Membership Plan for users with two options. (Monthly – $29.99/month – this option is billed once a month).
(Annual – $149.99/year (SAVE 58%) – this option is billed once a year. It’s like paying $12.49/month or a little over $6/event.)

How to watch Varsity TV on Smart TV?

Users can access Varsity TV on any Smart TV by downloading the FloSports app on their TV from Google Play Store. Get the FloSports subscription and Enjoy Varsity TV on their Android Smart TV.

Summed Up

In the United States, Varsity TV is available for free and paid. If you like Cheerleading and Dancing, you can subscribe to Varsity TV Free Trial to experience it, and later, you can buy it if you want. If you don’t like cheerleading and dancing, you can always subscribe to the “Lawn Mowing and Weeding” channel for an equally exciting experience!

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