T20 World Cup All Team Jersey/Kit 2022 IND PAK on Top

If you are a cricket enthusiast and want to know about the T20 World Cup 2022 All Teams Jersey, and the latest outfit of Pakistan, and India for the upcoming season, You have landed on the right page.

When we talk about cricket, not only do the players entertain us on the ground, but the sight of their cricket jerseys is also a center of attraction for spectators. In One Day or T20 Cricket, cricket teams wear jerseys of varying colors. At the start of the ’90s, the World Cup Jersey of Pakistan and Indian Cricket Teams wore dark shades, but nowadays, both teams use lighter colors. And now, in T20 World Cup 2022, the Indian team will wear dark-colored jerseys again. Similar modifications have occurred on the jerseys of other teams.

Let’s look at All Teams New Kits and check what changes they have made in the new jerseys for all the cricket teams for the mega event.

India T20 World Cup Jersey 2022

The Indian Team New Jersey for ICC T20 World Cup has been revealed, and it is a beautiful kit consisting of a blue shirt and trousers. There is a flag on the top left side of the new Indian jersey and a World Cup logo on the top right side. Team India’s country name is printed on the middle of the shirt in a shiny orange color that looks beautiful. This beautiful new kit seems very attractive and charming and will positively impact the players and spectators.

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Pakistan Team Jersey For T20 World Cup 2022

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has announced the new kit for the upcoming T20 World Cup. The Pakistan cricket team wears a green jersey for T20Is and ODIs, called “Green Shirts.” The new Pakistan team jersey consists of dark and light green colors while light green color dominates. The jersey also contains the main sponsor of the Pakistan Cricket Team, Pepsii in the middle, and an Easypaisa logo on the top right corner. There is a big green star bearing the name of the country. However, this jersey is not so shiny and gives a dull look.

England Team Jersey/Kit

The England Team is the best cricket team in all game formats, and they have the most beautiful T20 World Cup 2022 jersey. The English team’s new kit is very stylish and attractive, and fans loved it in every way. The England team has a Red, Blue, and gradient-colored jersey containing a Clinch Logo on the front. The new England Jersey 2022 also includes a logo of New Balance Company along with English and Wales Cricket Boards Logos on the front side. 

Australia Team Jersey/KIT

The Australian Cricket, also known as Kangaroos, used to wear the whole yellow-colored jersey in the olden days, but now they will wear a black and green jersey. The New Australia Kit includes the logo of Alinta Energy in the center of the shirt and the Australia Cricket Board Logo, along with a picture of the Kangaroo printed on the top side. The country name is written in the center. The New Kit for Australia is a decent one and gives a pleasant look to the viewers. 

New Zealand Jersey For T20 World Cup

One of the Top Cricket Teams in The world, New Zealand, known as Blackcaps, has also introduced a new jersey. The New Ne Zealand Jersey is very appealing and unique and catches the attention of the spectators. The new kit includes the Company ANZ on the front side of the shirt and the Canterbury Company name on the front also. The country name is present on the middle of the shirt with a black, blue, and white color combination. 

Afghanistan New Kit/Jersey

In T20Is, the Afghan cricket team wears a semi blue colored jersey. The Afghanistan New Kit is also a combination of Red, Blue, and White. The designers designed this new Afghani jersey very beautifully, and it will please the viewers. The design is unique, including the national flag of Afghanistan on the right side and the T20 World Cup 2022 logo on the left, and the name of the country is printed in the middle in bold letters. 

South Africa

The Proteas usually wear yellow-colored jerseys with green stripes printed on them in T20Is. The New South Africa Jersey is also yellow and greenish, bearing a logo of Cricket South Africa on the top left corner, and the country name is printed in bold letters in the center of the jersey. However, the jersey is not so attractive. Still, it is designed uniquely and made of durable material to provide the players with energy in intense gameplay in the stadium. 

West Indies New Jersey

The new team kit for West Indies comprises red and yellow colors with white stripes giving it a unique and attractive look. There is an official T20 World Cup 2022 logo on the jersey’s top left side and the West Indies national flag on the top right side. The country name is printed on the center of the jersey in bold letters. The trousers are complete red-colored made of durable fabric. Names and numbers are on the backside of the jersey. Overall, the West Indies New Kit is beautifully designed and will please the viewers.  

Sri Lanka

The Sri Lanka team wears a dark blue jersey with shades of Orange, Green, and a little bit of brown in T20 matches. Although, the Sri Lankan new jersey might not be attractive for most of the viewers. The new kit of the Sri Lanka team contains a national flag on the top left side of the shirt, and the logo of MAS is on the right side. The country name is printed in the middle of the shirt in bold letters. 

Bangladesh Team Jersey

The Bangladesh Cricket Board has revealed the new Bangladesh Jersey. The new kit comprises dark green and red shades, and the trousers are entirely green; there is no other color on them. There is a big Daraz logo on the top right side of the shirt and many other sponsors on the sleeves. Bangladesh national flag is on the left side, and the country name is printed in the middle of the jersey in bold letters. Overall, the Bangladesh New Jersey 2022 looks decent and stylish.

Ireland Team Kit

The Ireland Cricket Board has recently launched a new jersey for the Ireland Cricket Team to wear in the upcoming T20 World Cup. The Ireland team kit comprises light green and blue color shades and is one of the most attractive kits. The color combination is very cool and eye-catching for the viewers. The Irish Flag is printed on the top right side of the jersey, and the official logo of the T20 World Cup is located on the top left side. The Ireland New Kit trousers are entirely blue with white stripes, making the kit more appealing.

Netherlands Team Kit/Jersey

The Netherlands Cricket Team have participated in 1996, 2003, 2007, and 2011 Cricket World Cups. However, they did not perform so well but tried hard. The Netherlands team start their campaign in T20 World 2022 by facing Ireland on October 18 in Oman. The Netherlands Cricket has revealed that the New Jersey for Netherlands Cricket Team consists of orange and blue and orange color is dominating. The whole jersey comprises orange color, and the sleeves are blue. The sponsors’ names are on the left and right sides of the shirt, and the country name is mentioned in the middle.

Papua New Guinea

The Papua New Guinea Cricket Team, nicknamed Barramundis, is taking part in ICC T20 World Cup 2022 for the first time. The Barramundis will start their World Cup journey by taking on Oman in the inaugural match on October 17. The Papua New Guinea New Team Kit consists of black and yellow colors, while the trousers are black with yellow stripes. The team sponsors’ names are present on the left and right sides, and the team name is printed in the middle. Overall, the Papua New Guinea New Jersey is decent but gives a little bit dull look.

Scotland New Team Jersey

The Scotland National Cricket Team represents the country of Scotland. Scot land became a member of ICC in 1994 and have participated in the 1999, 2007, and 2015 World Cups. In the T20 World Cup, Scotland will kick of their campaign against Bangladesh. The Scotland New Team Kit 2022 comprises navy blue color with white stripes on the sides; sponsors’ names are written on the left and right sides, and the country name is printed in the middle with white color. The new jersey is unique but so eye-catching because it consists of only one color.

Team Oman New Jersey

Governed by Oman Cricket Board, Oman National Cricket Team represents Oman taking part in ICC T20 World Cup for the first time. The New jersey for Oman Cricket Team consists of entirely red color with green borders on sleeves and logos of sponsors on the right and left sleeves. The name of the country is printed in the middle with shiny white color.

Namibia New Team Jersey

The Namibia National Cricket Team represents the Republic of Namibia and is a member of the ICC since 1992. Namibia Cricket Team participate in the 2003 World Cup conducted in South Africa, but unfortunately, they lost all their matches. Namibia will start its campaign against Sri Lanka. Namibia Team New Kit consists of light blue, navy blue, red, and yellow.  The country name is printed in the middle in bold. The Namibia Team jersey is unique, beautiful, and astounding. 

In this article, we have discussed all Cricket Team Jerseys for T20 World Cup 2022. Check them now and tell us in the comments which team is your favorite and which World Cup Cricket Team Kit you like the most.

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