Fantasy Cricket Tips 2022 for Match Prediction and Analysis

Cricket is an emotion for cricketers. They worship the game and can go to any extent to get a glimpse of their fav cricketer. When there are matches, they forget everything just to watch matches on their laptops, TVs, or mobiles. They are hooked to this sport and it is needless to say that they indulge in fantasy cricket equally.

After all, fantasy cricket enables them to use their cricket know-how and predict matches. They can build their own team, which has always been their dream. You can know more on which is an authentic and trustworthy site.

In its November issue, Forbes’ Naini Thaker has talked about how leading sites like MPL have seen a surge in usage and revenues in 2020. She has also talked about the influence of IPL on fantasy cricket.

Every other person out there is a cricket fan and thus, they should try their hands at fantasy leagues, which are inspired by IPL cricket leagues. In this blog, we are going to talk about fantasy cricket tips for match prediction and analysis.

In this game, you have to select players based on their performances in real life and it is not as easy as it sounds. You literally have to pay attention to their forms, watch the latest news, etc.

If you go through the below-mentioned points and practice them, you would easily be able to crack the winning code. 

Check performances in the recent past

No matter how important track records are, it is very important to check their recent performances. Are they doing good or sulking in the field? Your decision will depend on it. Do not settle for big names just for the sake of it. Also, try to select players who are good at at least two things. 

Analyse Pitch and Weather Report

For the perfect prediction, you need to concentrate on minute factors, such as weather reports and pitch conditions. They are important factors when it comes to your analysis. You should go for spinners if the pitch is dry; on the other hand, go for swing bowlers and batsmen if the pitch is green.

Keep on checking the weather forecast from time to time. 

Selecting Top Order Batsmen

It is very important to pick the right players so that your prediction is right and you win attractive prizes. 

The top-order batsmen play the maximum balls if there is a limited-overs game. Choose wisely as they are going to fetch the maximum points, thus enhancing your winning chances. 

Bowlers who guarantee wickets

 Pick bowlers who guarantee wickets instead of just trying your luck at the same. Look for consistent bowlers whose contribution to games cannot be denied. The bowlers can also help you win so concentrate on them as well. 

Uncapped Players

Go for the dark horses – many uncapped players can turn your luck by delivering their best in the games. Look out for talent other than just checking reputation and track record. 

Choosing the Right Captain and Vice-captain

This plays a huge role in your predictions. Make sure you choose the right set of captain and vice-captain as the captain gets 2x points and Vice Captain gets 1.5x points for the runs they score. You must go for an in-form all-rounder as your captain.


There are so many points that you need to keep in mind, which is why playing fantasy cricket is actually good for your mind and concentration levels. Thus, you wouldn’t lose points by selecting players that are not playing the sport. Check the toss results and make changes, if required. 

Create Multiple Teams

You should use the right permutation and combination when it comes to creating your fantasy teams. The virtual teams should be good. Try to create multiple ones so that your chances of winning increase. 

Be aware of the Latest Updates 

As mentioned earlier, you have to check all the announcements and news related to cricket so that you can rework your strategy, make last-minute changes, etc. You have to select all 11 players by scrutinizing every aspect of their contribution in the recent matches. Take all steps that will boost your probability of hitting the prize. 

Venue Stats 

You should also check the average Score of Ground. This will give you an idea of how many crickets will fall in the field. 

Do not go for favorites

Do your research and do not just settle for your favorite players. This is a golden rule of fantasy games. You have to know these basics before you think of winning big! 

Choosing the Right Combination

It is all about the team. The right combination of Batsmen, Bowlers, WK, and Fielders is so important. We can’t focus enough on this! You have to find the key to balancing a team and it will eventually come with practice. 

Checking the Latest News About the Players

Suppose you have formed a team but you miss the news of a player facing massive injury. You have to know about the position and the latest news of every player. Injury updates about players are important as this guides you select the right 12th player.

Bonus Points

You should pay attention to the bonus points and how you can earn them. It can make a difference in the end! 

Type of Fantasy Contest

The type of contest also plays a huge role. This is the reason why you should check the type of matches and then only select. Build confidence with free or small games and then only go for the big ones. Select contests that have the minimum number of players. This definitely increases your chances of winning. 

So these are a few tips for you for the match prediction. Moreover, you will get information on daily matches which will help you more when it comes to a particular match.

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