IPL 2023 Introduces Exciting New Rules to Enhance the Cricketing Experience

The IPL fans will be surprised in the 16th edition of the World’s Best Cricket League as BCCI introduces a new set of rules for the IPL 2023. In the new IPL 2023 rules, Indian Cricket Board has decided to bring a twist by changing the playing conditions to make the toss beside the point. A toss always plays an essential role in a cricket match, so BCCI decided to bring some new changes to the existing IPL rules ahead of season 16. 

  1. BCCI has introduced the impact player rule in the IPL 2023, which means the teams can name four substitutes before the match, and these substitutes can replace any player from the playing XI during the game, and the replaced cannot rejoin the match. Furthermore, if an IPL team decides on four international players in their Playing XI, they can only take in an Indian as Impact Player. However, if three or fewer players are in the Playing XI, an international player among the four substitutes can join as the Impact Player. 
  2. The second new rule in the IPL 2023 is riveting that teams can choose their Playing XI after the toss. To limit the impact of the toss, BCCI has introduced this rule. This rule was introduced in the first edition of SA20 held in January 2023.  
  3. In the IPL, teams must complete 20 overs in two hours. However, if one team fails to complete the overs in the given time, they will have only four fielders outside the 30-yard circle for every over not completed within the stipulated time frame.
  4. If a Wicket-Keeper moves unfairly while the ball is being bowled, the ball will be considered a dead ball, and the batting team will be awarded five runs.
  5. If a fielder moves unfairly while a ball is being bowled, the call is called dead, and the batting team will get five runs in reward. 
  6. The teams can review No Balls, Wideballs, Out, and Not Out. 

These new rules can make the IPL more exciting by providing more opportunities for scoring, planning, and bringing in fresh players. However, it remains to be seen how effective these rules will be in practice and how they will impact the game.

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