Top 5 Most Aggressive Opponents in Cricket World Cup 2023

Top 5 Most Aggressive Opponents in the World Cup 2022. Today, we will discuss the biggest cricket rivalries in the upcoming World Cup. 

Cricket is always known as an aggressive sport, and rivalry is not surprising between the two teams. When two rival teams enter the field, the game’s fun is doubled, and their vendetta against each other in the ground makes spectators excited. Cricket is a game that is always based on giving and take policy. One wins and other losses; therefore, the rival teams push hard to defeat each other.  

Cricket rivalries are entertaining because they fascinate the viewers and creates a spark in the game. England and Australia aren’t the best cricket rivalry. Moreover, many cricket teams have had a black mark against each other for decades. Best Cricket rivalries mean a lot to the players and their spectators as they see their satisfaction.

Meanwhile, we have figured out the Top 5 Best Cricket Rivalries in World Cup 2022 You Don’t Want to Miss.

#5 West Indies vs England

West Indies’ wicket keeper Shai Hope eyes the ball of a shot played by England’s captain Eoin Morgan during a one day international cricket match at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium in North Sound, Antigua, Friday, March 3, 2017. (AP Photo/Ricardo Mazalan)

The West Indians, previously known as The Black Storms in the early 80s and 90s, are no longer quite dangerous as they were in the past, but their rivalry against England is very important. 

You must remember that the West Indians, these guys if they get on top are magnificent cricketers. But if they’re down, they grovel, and I intend, with the help of Closey and a few others, to make them grovel.

The West Indians’ animosity against England started after Tony Grieg’s comment. In 1976, the English team was playing a test against the Windies, and Tony Greig commented on West Indies by saying:

The West Indian Team defeated England with 3-0, and Greig did not forget his comment.  After the last test match at Oval Cricket Ground, he professed to crawl on his hands and knees in front of the crowd.

In the World T20 2022, West Indies and England will lock horns on 23rd October at Dubai International Stadium in the second match of the Super 12. Lets’s see who conquers the field this time. 

#4 Pakistan vs New Zealand and England

Pakistan New Zealand rivalry is not that old and does not have any historical background, but in T20  World Cup 2022, both the teams will play as rivals against each other, and the Pak NZ match will be one of the most intense matches in the mega event.

Pakistan, New Zealand rivalry started recently when the New Zealand team came to Pakistan for a tour and returned just minutes before the first ODI match due to security reasons.

Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ramiz Raja said in a tweet, “Crazy day it has been! Feel so sorry for the fans and our players. Walking out of the tour by taking a unilateral approach on a security threat is very frustrating. Especially when it’s not shared!! Which world is NZ living in??NZ will hear us at ICC.

Since then, the atmosphere between Pakistan and New Zealand has heated up, and the Pakistani team is anxious to defeat New Zealand at World T20 2022. Pakistan and New Zealand will face each other on 26th October at Sharjah Cricket Stadium.

On the other hand, English Cricket Board also refused to send the England Cricket team to Pakistan recently after returning from New Zealand. So, this year Pakistan vs England match will also be a hot cake as Pakistan will try to answer them by defeating them in the mega event.

#3 Australia vs South Africa

The rivalry between Australia and South Africa is one of the most exciting rivalries in cricket history. This animosity started in the last decade and has become one of the most interesting battles of two cricket giants of the modern era.

Australia and South Africa compete in almost all sports, and the competition is very strong in all the games, but cricket is on another level. In 2008 and 09, South Africa was the first team to defeat the kangaroos at home in sixteen years. During this tour, the Proteas and Australians showcased their best play, which intensified the rivalry between the two teams.

Later, in 2011, The Australians played a memorable game in South Africa and chased 300 uns to level the series. The two teams will play against each other in World Cup T20 2022 on 23rd October in Abu Dhabi. 

#2 England and Australia

Ashes Cricket series does not require any introduction. England and Australia’s rivalries are among the oldest and one of the most fierce rivalries in cricket. 

This rivalry started back in the 19th century when at Oval Cricket Ground, some angry fans burnt the bails and took the ashes as a memory of that Test match in which England was lost. The next day, an English newspaper published an article stating that the English cricket was dead and the ashes were taken to Australia. Since then, both teams play a series of five test matches every two years named The Ashes Cricket. Australia is the current holder of the Ashes.

England and Australia will face each other in World Cup T20 2022 on 30th October in Dubai. 

#1 Pakistan and India

Do we need any introduction? Guess not. India and Pakistan are the two biggest rivals in cricket history, and England and Australia could claim that they are the biggest rivals, but Indo-Pak matches are the Soul of Cricket. 

Pakistan India cricket matches gather about 300 million viewers around the world. When the two teams play against each other, the tension among the players and the fans goes sky high, and players from both sides take all measures to turn the game into their side. 

India Pakistan rivalry started in 1947 at the time of partition, and both the teams played their first match in 1951. The rivalry has been created since then, and we have witnessed some interesting contests. 

India and Pakistan will play their next match in World Cup T20 2022 on 24th October in Dubai.

We have taken up what we think the Best Cricket Rivalries are. What do you think? Share with us in the comments.

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