How to Watch Sky Sports on Virgin TV GO in UK

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If you want Sky Sports on Virgin TV or Best Virgin TV Deals, We have your back covered. Virgin TV offers a wide range of packages, but which one suits you best to enjoy the entertainment at its fullest? Keep on reading. 

Virgin Media has been operating in the UK for over a decade, providing Cable TV, Broadband, and Phone Deals to its customers. Virgin TV offers a range of digital television packages that include a variety of channels and features. With Virgin TV, customers can access various channels covering various genres, including entertainment, sports, movies, news, documentaries, and more. The channels available depend on the chosen package and any additional channel subscriptions.

Virgin Media is UK’s second biggest Pay-TV service after Sky TV. Virgin TV also provides on-demand services, allowing users to watch their favorite shows and movies conveniently.

Here, we look at some of the Best Virgin TV Deals and How to Watch Sky Sports on Virgin TV Go.

The Best Virgin Media Deals for New Customers in the UK

Virgin Media offers some Best Deals for New Customers. Virgin Media has spicy deals if you change your cable TV and Broadband connection. 

  1. Big Bundle + Drama + Documentaries | £37.99 per month (24-month contract)
  2. Big Bundle | £32.99 per month (18-month contract)
  3. Bigger Bundle | £40.50 per month (18-month contract)
  4. Bigger Bundle + Sports | £65.00 per month (18-month contract)
  5. Virgin Media Big Volt Bundle | £36.99 per month (18-month contract)
  6. Bigger Volt Bundle | £49.99 per month (18-month contract)
  7. Virgin Media Big Volt Bundle + Drama + Documentaries | £49.99 per month )18-month contract)
  8. Bigger Bundle + Movies | £62.00 per month (18-month contract)
  9. Bigger Bundle Volt Bundle + Movies | £74.00 per month (18-month contract)
  10. Bigger Volt Bundle + Sports | £77 (18-month contract)

What does Sky Sports Offer?

Sky Sports Package on Virgin TV consists of eleven Sports Channels. Where you can watch 

  • Live Premier League games
  • English Football League
  • Formula 1
  • PGA Tour
  • The Ashes Series
  • Asia Cup 2023
  • Betfred Super League
  • World Rugby Sevens
  • Rugby Champions Cup
  • Rugby Super League
  • ATP World Tour
  • The Masters
  • Ryder Cup
  • WWE
  • Scottish Premiership matches
  • ICC Cricket World Cup 2023
  • T20 World Cup
  • International Cricket Tours
  • NFL games
  • Super Bowl

How to Watch Sky Sports on Virgin TV

There are multiple ways to watch Sky Sports on Virgin TV so subscribers can enjoy a range of live sports in the best picture quality. Add Sky Sports to your Virgin TV deal, or get it in a Sports Bundle. Virgin TV offers Sky Sports channels in Bigger Bundle + Sports for £65.00 per month or Bigger Volt Bundle + Sports for £77 monthly.

If you are an existing customer of Virgin TV, you can now add Sky Sports Ultra HD to their package for £7 extra per month.

Virgin TV customers can enjoy the new Sky Sports Ultra HD channels, which include Sky Sports Main Event Ultra HD and Sky Sports Ultra HD 1 in sparkling quality 24/7.

This service benefits existing customers as they can watch a wide range of Live Sports in incredible Ultra HD and HDR, including Premiere League, Live Cricket Sky Sports, Asia Cup 2023 Live Sky, and ICC World Cup 2023 Live in the UK.

Existing Virgin TV customers wanting to add Sky Sports Ultra HD to their subscription can contact 0800 052 0813.

How to Sky Upgrade on Virgin TV – Easy Guide

You can easily upgrade Sky Sports or Sky Cinema to your existing Virgin TV and Broadband Bundle. Follow these quick steps to Sky Upgrade on your Virgin TV Account. 

  • Sign in to your My Virgin Media Account and Get Ready to Upgrade your TV Package in just a few clicks through your Set Top Box.
  • Use Your remote control to find the TV Upgrades on the On-Screen Menu.
  • Follow the instruction to add your Sky Package.
  • Mobile phone users can call on 0800 519 6962 to get their Sky Upgrade. 
  • New Sky Customers can add Sky Package to their bundle at the start. 

What Channels Do You Get with the Sky Upgrade?

After adding Sky Sorts Subscritopn to your Virgin TV, you will access eleven Sky Sports channels to enjoy Live Cricket Matches in the UK, Racing,  Premier League, WSL, SPFL & EFL matches.

Here is the list of the channels you will get Sky Upgrade.

virgin tv sky sports channel list

Adding Sky Sports to your Virgin TV Package will allow you never to miss a minute of Sky Sports, and you can watch World Top Live Sports Action straight to your TV. 

Can I Watch Sky Sports on Virgin TV?

Virgin TV provides a Sports Bundle that contains Sky Sports. You can get Sky Sports through Virgin Media as a Virgin TV Subscriber.

On What Number Sky Sports is available on Virgin TV?

Sky Sports is available on channels 501-516 on Virgin TV.

Why Can’t I Watch Sky Sports on Virgin TV?

If you can’t watch Sky Sports on Virgin TV, you just need to contact Virgin Media Support to resolve the issue.

What is Virgin TV Go?

The Virgin TV Go app allows you to watch Live TV and on-demand TV programs from your mobile and tablet. Virgin TV Go lets you watch Live TV wherever you have internet access.

Watching Sky Sports on Virgin TV is an excellent way to access Sky Sports at the cheapest price in the UK. This guide has covered How To watch Sky Sports on Virgin TV and upgrade Sky Package and Virgin TV Sky Packages for Existing and New Customers. So grab your remote, tune in to Sky Sports, and enjoy the thrill of Live Sports.

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