IPL 2021 Rules : BCCI’s Do’s and Don’ts List for IPL Teams

Since BCCI decided to keep IPL 2021 in India but due to the worst pandemic, BCCI issued some strict guidelines list for IPL franchises, players, umpires and staff to obey in six cities that the matches will be played in. No doubt, this is a very difficult decision taken by BCCI but this is the demand of the current situation.

IPL 2021 is set to commence on April 9 in Chennai and BCCI has made a list of Do’s and Don’ts for IPL 2021.

IPL 2021 SOPs: Don’ts: The covid-19 situation is becoming worse in the country and this danger has forced BCCI to apply multiple safety protocolos to avoid any outbreak that can put the whole tournament in danger. Keeping that thing in mind, BCCI issued a list of Don’ts that the players and support staff will need to follow strictly. BCCI has appointed four Bubble Integrity Managers per team to report any breach in the Bio Secure Bubble. In case of any violation, they will report to the chief medical officer directly. Here is the list of activities that players will not be allowed to do.

No Family Members are allowed:Players and other IPL staff members are not allowed to meet with their family members during Bio Secure Bubble. BCCI has prohibited the visit of any family members during the entire tournament. In the case of any member visiting a player or staff, the individual will need a permission from BCCI and the Chief Medical Officer.

No meeting with other guests of the hotel: Players will be allotted a separate portion in the hotel to avoid any contact with the other guests of the hotel.Other residents of the hotel are not allowed to visit the restricted area at any cost. BCCI will try to find smaller hotels so that they can be booked entirely to manage Bio Secure Bubble.

No Media Person Allowed: Media Officials will not be allowed to enter in the Bio Secure Bubble at any circumstances. Players can interact with the media virtually like in IPL 2020.

No Soft Signal: There are some on the field changes too. BCCI decided to remove Soft Signal by the on field umpires. “The on-field umpire giving soft signal while referring the decision to the third umpire will not be applicable,” the BCCI said in the SOP.

No Saliva on Ball is Allowed: Players are strictly prohibited from using saliva on the ball. In case of doing so, the ball will be immediately sanitized. 

IPL 2021 SOPs: Do’s: There are some mandatory steps which every player needs to follow. Here are these IPL 2021 Rules to follow.

Seven Day Quarantine: Every player needs to be in seven day quarantine before joining the team. This rule is applicable to the members of the family too.

Bubble to Bubble Transfer: The IPL 2021 will witness the first bubble to bubble transfers. It means if a player or coaching staff is playing an international match, they can enter IPL BioBubble without going for a seven day quarantine. But in order to do so, the player or other member will have to take chartered flight or a private car to make sure he did not come in contact with anyone else.

Time Limit for Each Innings: In IPL 2021, all innings are limited to 90 minutes. The final over of the innings has to be completed within the time limit. According to new guidelines, the minimum over rate in each match will be 14.11 overs per hour.Any delay caused by weather or any other circumstances will make the innings less than 20 overs, 4 minutes and 15 seconds for every over will be reduced. The fourth Umpire will keep an eye on the Time limit. 

Safe Passages to Move: All the players, staff, team management and officials will be provided separate floors and corridors to move to avoid mixing with others.

Change of the Jersey: In case anyone from outside of the Bio Bubble touches a player on the field, he has to change his jersey at once.

Sanitize Ball Every Time if it Goes Outside: In case a boundary or ball goes outside the field, it has to be sanitized every time before using again.

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